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How to pick the right retractable badge clips

how to pick the right retractable badge clips

I don’t want to over-complicate a basic decision but I’m also a big fan of making smart ones. So, when it comes to retractable badge clips, or id badge reels, we can boil it down to environment, attachment and price.


Environment (Bob the Builder or The Office?)

This is the most critical thing to consider when answering how to pick the right retractable badge clip. Who will be using them and where will they be used? If you work in a typical office environment and are only using it to display an ID badge, a basic badge reel would do the trick. If you work on a construction site or in  manufacturing setting, you’re going to need a heavy-duty badge reel that can handle a lot more wear and tear.


Attachments (Slide clips vs carabiners vs alligator clips)

How will everyone wear the badge clip? The classic slide clip is great for beltloops and pockets but could easily slide off a lapel. Carabiners are the most secure but require something to hook on to, like a beltloop. The last is the alligator clip, this works like a potato chip bag and will grip well to most clothing, but could snag on more delicate fabrics.


Price (Show me the money!)

I put price last because as long as you find the right product, the price should be well worth it. My best advice is to make sure you’re buying from a seller who backs up their products. only sells the best badge reels we can find at a variety of price points for any budget.


Your Turn (Let’s play a game.)

Now that you have a good understanding of retractable badge reels and their various attachments, it’s in your hands.


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